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Subway Surfer Zurich

Desktop ONLY: Subway Surfer Zurich Edition. The endless runner is back. Run or simply use a hoverboard. Hoverboards, which you can activate during the run, can be found in the Subway Surfers shop, where a number of other aids are also on offer. With a bit of luck you will discover one or the other free hoverboard on the route. You collect them and use them as you like. To activate it, tap the touchscreen twice in quick succession. As a result, your figure swings on the board and is thus protected in the event of a single collision. If you have several hoverboards in your luggage, you are free to use several of them during a run. It is best to keep the practical aids until you have reached a certain point, because the longer you run, the more speed you pick up and the level of difficulty increases.