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Castle Crashing The Beard

Return to the graveyard to battle Tom Fulps beard with Castle Crashers! Can you unlock all 8 animal buddies? Debuting in 2008, Castle Crashing the Beard was a spoof on Tom Fulp's efforts toward what would become the smash hit, Castle Crashers. While the game was in development he decided not to shave his beard until release date. This fact was taken into Castle Crashing The Beard. This is the 12th anniversary edition. The original game debuted in 2008 and was a spoof on Tom Fulps efforts towards the later released top gaming hit Castle Crashers. This 12th anniversary is a tribute 12 years later to the original game.

- Mobile:
Use onscreen buttons to move, jump, hit
Arrow keys = Move
A = Hit
S = Jump
F = Fullscreen
P = Pause
ESC = Exit Fullscreen