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Subway Runner

Run fast along the railway. Jump hurdles, slip under obstables, avoid traffic signs and collect coins on your way. For 200 coins earned you can buy a new character in the shop. Your score and your best score is shown at the end of each try.

If you are able to get a magnet, a redouble sign or a armor, you will be able to have a bonus for 15s. A magnet attracts all coins surrounding you from all three lanes. The 2x-symbol counts the collected coins double. An armor let's you be immortal for the time being.
As soon as you miss a hurdle or run against an obstacle on the rails, the game is over. The longer you play, the faster the more obstacle appear on your way. This requires maximum concentration and responsiveness from you.

Up = Jumping
Down = Sliding
Left/Right = Move left/right